On the terrace

Haikus of a Westerner. On the terrace. Spring 2021, belonging to the Nature and Arts Cycle (2012-2021). Video creation of photographs, poems and sounds by Jordi Traperho, May 2021.


Improvisation I. Poems and music, video made in the bookshop Taifa of the Vila de Gràcia of Barcelona, with Jordi Traperho, reading Milagro de Vida and Ara al Jardí, poems of his and accompanied by Ignacio Yebra to the piano, in a Improvisation, April 13, 2019.


Improvisation II. Poems and music, video document of the performance in the IX Festa de les Arts de Belianes, L’Urgell, by Jordi Traperho, reading Milagro de Vida, his poetry and accompanied by Ester Trilla the cello, in an improvisation, on April 27, 2019.


Polyhedral, Poetic, Visual

In the Civic Center Casa Golferichs of Barcelona, Monday 29 January 2018 Jordi Traperho performed a poetic, visual and musical recital in which he read Haikús de un occidental, 7+1 eight and make 16, a poem accompanied by images of drawings in relation to this poem and Urbs-Natur II Video poem.

It counted with the collaboration of Rosa Maria Tomàs with the piano and of Jaume Rocosa which made the reading of a selection of poems of the Jardí del Temps Aturat which was accompanied by images of the paintings Jardí del Temps Aturat 2015-2017.

This act was organized by poetic and Musical Aura.

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Presentation of Quadern Poemes i Pintures. Jardí del Tems Aturat

On September 22nd 2016, at Lleonart gallery in Barcelona, Jordi Traperho performed an action and read poems during the inauguration of the exhibit of his own paintings and drawings called Jardí del Temps Aturat 2011-2016 (Garden of Still Time 2011-2016).

In this Jardí del Temps Aturat. Poemes i Pintures there is a selection of poems written between 2012 and 2016, that were initially inspired in his previous plastic series Cases Transparents 2010-2015 (See-Through Houses 2010-2015), which evolved into his present series Jardí del Temps Aturat 2015-2016, which names this current edition of his poems, and also four of his paintings in this given series. It was published by 7 Miralls al Dau 1 in September 2016, and consisted on a print of 100 copies (21cm x 30cm), with both covers in color.

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