Biography and reviews


I am a visual artist and I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist. Even though I have specially developed painting, sculpture and drawing since my formal beginnings (1967), I have worked in different fields that I don’t consider secondary but complementary such as writing (poetry, essay…), action art, multidisciplinary performances, ambients, environments, installations, video art, sound experiments…

I consider arts as multidisciplinary and comprehensive: I look for a knowledge of “reality” (multireality).


I think that we have several creative possibilities and if we are not developing them it is due to personal, familiar or social circumstances.

 Art is tied to life itself, it is inseparable and one of its main expressions. But art cannot replace life. Art is also a way to express your own vitality, to face pain and death and a way to transcend, to raise our own conscience and spirituality.



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