Action Art

 ACTION ART. 1970-2017

 It would be quite difficult and extensive for me to talk about action art in my artistic career. It is not a secondary field in my work but another way of expression and creation parallel to painting, sculpture, etc. It stands alone but it is actually very related to moments and creations in different periods.

Going forward in two-dimensional or three-dimensional painted or sculpted spaces took me to the compelling necessity to express myself, first in the street (street art actions, happenings, etc.) with other young artist fellows in the beginnings of the seventies.

This tendency would not disappear in me since it revealed through different art rituals in the eighties and a great variety of action expressions in the nineties until today. I have used multiple kinds of languages, disciplines and concepts, with a free tendency towards synthesizing them in ephemeral, unrepeatable time spaces.

This ephemeral aspect, the only moment, has always attracted me and has met my need to alive expression. It has always been developed in one single moment but has needed of a special work of preparation for its conceptual and material elaboration. The act of combining movement, word, sound, poetry, painting, music, engraved image, etc. allowed me to enjoy of an assorted language applied to each moment and to its expressive-creative needs.



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